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Saturday Special: September 1.0

Saturday Special

Rules of the game:
1. I shall post a prompt every Saturday.
2. You have 24 hours from the issuance of this challenge (and I'll indicate the deadline within said post) to submit your work. Today's Deadline: Sunday, 2:45 PM UTC/Sunday 10:45 AM EDT (Timezone Converter).
3. For the underlying piece, point calculations shall follow the regular Sugarquill point schedule (word/30; quality of art). However, per the (b) exception to Rule 3, Rule 3(b)(1) Saturday Specials are not subject to the cap. They are a bonus challenge given every Saturday worth 10 extra points and added at the end of the month. Meaning, while the underlying work may only extend upwards to the 125 point ceiling, the 10 point bonus for participating in a Saturday Special may exceed 125 (unlike normal challenge bonuses which are calculated in conjunction with the underlying piece and subject to the 125 restraints). So, for example, you can post 92 points this week, post a Saturday Special story worth 33 points (which would be the minimum at 1000/30), reach 125 for the week AND then get an additional 10 points (for a total of 135) for doing the Saturday Special. The 10 extra points will probably have a special column on the spreadsheet to delineate it from the normal weekly cap.
4. Your work must meet the following minimum requirements to garner the bonus points:
Writing: 1000+ words
Art: Finished - Good or better

5. Do not add the 10 extra points yourself, I will do this for you. In other words, please treat this like a "no challenge" piece. <3
6. Label your submission with "SEPT 1.0" somewhere in the subject line AND use the "!saturday special" tag.
7. Please post your submissions per the standard formatting requirements of all Sugarquill posts.
8. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions regarding this process in the comment section to follow. I realize it can be a tad confusing! <3

Memories Fade
Tags: !mod post, !saturday special
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