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Art, No Challenge. Sketch dump!

All sketches are separate entities unless otherwise stated.

Title: Lions!
Summary: A bunch of lion gestures I did. HOUSE PRIIIIDE.
Rating/Warnings: G
Medium: Cretacolor pencil

Title: Lupin Sketches
Summary: A couple of sketches trying to visualize Lupin's face.
Rating/Warnings: G
Medium: Col-erase pencil

Title: Badgers and animagus!
Summary: My animagus is a dachshund, and dachshunds were bred to dig badgers out of their holes, so the idea of dachshunds befriending wary badgers is hilarious to me. :D --and yes, the badger is a european badger, like Hufflepuff's mascot.
Rating/Warnings: G
Medium: Col-erase pencil

The top image of the dachshund and badger, as well as the bottom image, are being counted as the same since they're interacting. The other two in the middle are just concept sketches, so they are separate.

13 (Elaborate sketch) x 10 =
130 125 points for Gryffindor!

Tags: character: remus lupin, creator: lovestyle, form: elaborated sketch, rating: g
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