nrlcnscs (nearlyconscious) wrote in hh_sugarquill,

Art challenge #03 : Preparation for the Yule Ball, part 2

Title: Preparation for the Yule Ball, part 2
Summary: Pansy and Daphne are (still) preparing for the Yule Ball in the Slytherin dungeons and get a bit distracted.
Characters/Pairings: Daphne Greengrass x Pansy Parkinson
Genre: romance, underage kiss (let's make that a genre, woop)
Beta: dusk_lung and rhaneofterror gave me their opinions at several moments, that's pretty much it I think.
Rating/Warnings: um, K, T+? I'm not sure about this.
Medium: digital drawings (I use SAI Paint Tool, something that resembles Photoshop); I made a gif assembling them, too, but I thought it looked better if it didn't move!


Name/House/Points earned
Delphine/Ravenclaw/70+70+5 points

And oh, I forgot in my last post, but can I get a tag? Thanks in advance :)

Tags: character: daphne greengrass, character: pansy parkinson, creator: nearlyconscious, form: art, genre: romance, rating: g
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