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Gift exchange fic for Kaity!

To: Kaity | kaitydid33087
From: Cyn | cyn_ful
Title: All I Want for Christmas
Summary: Susan is suffering from the holiday blues. All of her friends are couples, getting married, or soon to have babies. She feels completely alone – and then along comes a redhead.
Characters/Pairings: Susan Bones/ George Weasley, Susan Bones/Theodore Nott, Hannah/Neville, Ron/Hermione
Genre: Romance, hoping for fluff
Rating/Warnings: T
Word Count: 14,229 and counting, part 1 – 5,700
Can the Order post to Tumblr?: Yes

Susan sat back on her sofa nursing her mug of tea. Tea always made everything better. The sweet, spicy aroma tickled her nose as she breathed in deeply over the cup. She let out a broken sigh. All she wanted was just this moment of happiness, one little day where she did not have to feel as if she were the only person in the world not happily married, happily dating, or happily going back into the dating arena.

She had dated. It was always a flop. The men bored her quickly. They told her what they thought she wanted to hear, but never gave even a true ounce of who they really were. She hated it. She took a sip from the steaming mug and continued her musing.

Her fire turned green as a head popped in. “Susan, darling. Are you home?”

Susan pulled from her musings. “Yes, Hannah. I’m here. How are you doing tonight?”

Hannah’s smiling face peered at her, making her lips turn upward. “I’m doing really well. I was just thinking we never seem to see each other and I would love for you to come down tonight to the Leaky. I’m working, but I can always spare time to spend with you. What do you say?”

“I’m not sure, Hannah.” Susan shifted on her couch to see her best friend better.

“Oh come on, Susan. It will be good for you. It will get you out for a bit and we can have fun and gossip some! I can tell you all about what I have gotten Neville for Christmas.” Hannah rambled on, clearly believing that this would rouse Susan out of her depression.

Susan sighed. “Alright, Hannah, I’ll be down in about thirty minutes. The Shepherd’s Pie had better be warm!”

“For you, anything. I shall start a fresh one right now!” Hannah disappeared as quickly as she had entered the fireplace.

Susan took another drink of her tea before moving her legs to the floor. She would have to change out of her pajamas. She slid the blanket onto the couch and took her cup to the kitchen. After rinsing it out, it was placed next to the sink. Susan turned to survey her flat. It was very efficient. It was cozy and warm. There was a brightly lit Christmas tree in the corner of the room near the fireplace. It was throwing a rosy glow into the room with the roaring fire.

Her furniture was comfortable, large enough to encourage cuddling. A sofa and a couple of chairs. People had filled the furniture at one time. She had parties at her flat before, nothing wild, just a few friends over, but now her apartment just seemed dreary. Anyone looking in from the outside would have enjoyed all the warm fuzzy feelings the room gave off, but Susan couldn’t get past her own loneliness.

“She means well.” Susan said aloud. “Watching her with Neville is really not going to help my mood, contrary to her opinion.” Susan shook her head and walked into her bedroom.

The bedroom was in a sea of green, her favorite colour. The light greens had kept her calm through many of her more emotional days. The huge queen-sized bed had a down comforter and a ton of pillows. She loved lying in bed and reading. She walked through her bedroom to her bath. She peeled off the layers of clothes and stepped into the warm spray, closing her eyes as the water poured over her body. She folded her arms and leaned them against the side of the shower before finally going through the motions of getting ready.

She stepped out of the shower and walked to her closest wrinkling her nose as she stared at the clothes. All she really wanted was her pajamas, but that would not be quite appropriate for the Leaky Cauldron. Finally deciding, she pulled on a pair of black leggings and knee high black boots and paired this with an emerald green sweater. If nothing else, it was comfortable. That is what she wanted.

She looked critically at her image in the mirror. She was beautiful and dressed to impress, but she knew better. She still looked put together so she grabbed her wand and apparated to the Leaky.

Standing outside of the pub, Susan took a deep breath before pushing open the door. She was greeted by a warm glow from within. It had really changed since Hannah took over the every day running of it. It was no longer the dark and dank pub that was just a cross between the Muggle and Magical world. Now it was a place to go and socialize. Susan had spent many evenings there with Hannah, Neville, Justin, Hermione, and so many others having fun and joking around. They all had their own lives now. Ron and Hermione had just gotten married that summer. Hannah and Neville may as well be married, with the time they spent together. Everyone was pairing off, everyone but her and Justin.

They were almost like the two oddballs. Then again, Justin was gay, so he wasn’t even in her league.
Glancing around the pub, a few faces were recognized. They must have just gotten off work. That was one plus to having her own shop. She had her own hours. She received no more than a cursory glance from the tables she walked by and she stopped in the far corner which her friends from Hogwarts claimed as their own. Sliding into the corner of the booth, she waited for Hannah to come and check on her.

No sooner had she sat down, than Hannah was sliding into the booth across from her. “Would you like tea, cocoa, something nice and warm?”

“Hi, Hannah! Anything warm would be wonderful. That and your delicious pie.”

Hannah’s blonde hair shook as she nodded her head. “Let me run to the back then. I will be right back.”

She slid back out of the booth and rushed into the kitchen. One of the best things about Susan’s favorite seat was that it was near the kitchen. That way Hannah could continue to work and still be able to slip in and relax without being noticed.

Hannah was back in just a few minutes. “Terry is going to bring the pie out. Here have a mug of peppermint cocoa. It is my new favorite.”

The steaming mug was set in front of her. “Smells delicious.”

Setting her head onto her hand propped on the table, Hannah studied her. “Sue, what’s wrong with you?”

Susan laughed. “You could never be mistaken for a Slytherin, darling. You do not have a subtle bone in your body.”

“I’m worried about you, sweetie. It’s Christmas and you seem to be withdrawing from us.” Hannah’s eyes only reflected concern.

The redhead shrugged. “It’s just another day. There isn’t anything much to get excited about right now.”

“Just another day? It is a huge holiday and I know you aren’t too thrilled with it, but it is still happening. Life is still going on for us.”

“I know life is still going on, Hannah. I can’t help it if I am the one sitting back watching everyone live their lives. So I’m not happy, I’m not dying.”

Hannah shook her head. “Oh, I wish you were happy. I wish you had someone as wonderful as Neville. Someone that could make you happy.”

“That is the one thing you don’t understand. I might be alone, but I don’t need someone to make me happy. It’s within me.”

Hannah sighed. She reached across the table and grabbed her friend’s hand. “I know it is within you, sweetie. I just wish that you would smile more. I don’t know. I worry about you.”

Susan squeezed her friend’s hand. “I know, Hannah. I’m fine, really.”

Hannah frowned for a minute and then began to talk about what she had planned with Neville. She went into length about how she was going to have Christmas morning with him at his grandmother’s house. She felt that this was going to be a big morning.

Susan nodded at all of the appropriate moments. She added her own commentary when Hannah began talking about maybe getting a ring. Susan felt a twinge in her heart. No matter what she said to Hannah, she still hid the most painful feelings deep inside of her. She knew Hannah’s heart was in the right place.

The door opened again and both girls looked. Hannah smiled. “Hello, George. How are you tonight?”
She stood up and walked over to the redhead.

“I’m good, Hannah.” He kissed her cheek. “How are you tonight? Have you given up on Neville so I can capture your heart?”

Hannah laughed. “I don’t know what I would do with you and no I haven’t.” Her face glowed as she talked about Neville. No one would have ever have seen that coming if they had known her through most of her Hogwarts years. Now, five years later, she was glowing with love for the misfit.

“It figures. So what do you have good tonight?” George began to loosen his jacket.

“Come on over here. I have a Shepherd’s Pie coming out for Susan. I know there is plenty for more than just me and her. Want some?” Hannah turned and began to walk back to their table.

“That sounds delicious.” George followed her to the table. He slid into the booth across from Susan.

Hannah sat next to Susan. “You do remember, Susan, right?”

George had a perplexed look on his face for a moment. He studied her face as she watched him quietly, her ever present smile on her lips. “You have a flower shop, right?”

Susan nodded her head. “I do. It is just about a block from your store.”

“I have seen it. You look familiar, though.” George raised an eyebrow. “I didn’t happen to steal any kisses from you in the halls of Hogwarts, did I?”

Susan laughed. “No, you never noticed me there.” She thought he mumbled something under his breath, but she didn’t quite catch it.

Hannah burst into the conversation. “George, Susan was in Hufflepuff with me. She is my absolute best friend. I was sure you would know this. Whenever we have our parties she is almost always with Justin.”

“That could be why. Ever since that boy tried to grope my arse, I stay as far from him as possible.” George laughed.

“Did he really?” Hannah’s eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of her head. “I am going to have to have a talk with him!”

George turned his eyes back onto Susan. “Now that I know what he has kept hidden, I may have to brave talking to him.”

Susan shook her head. “Justin is harmless. If he even thought that he could convince you to go on a date with him, he would never have done that. Besides, he really had a thing for Fred.” She smiled sadly. “I’m sorry. I’m sure it still hurts.”

George sat back. “Yes, it does. It’s been five years and I still feel as if a part of me is missing.” He glanced over at Hannah. “So, Banana, I’m gonna have to split.”

Hannah stood up quickly. “No, George. Don’t rush off.” She glared at Susan.

Susan managed to turn red. “Yeah, I’m sorry, George. Don’t go.” She slid out of the booth behind Hannah who was trying to hold the redhead in the seat. “I’ll see you later, Hannah. Clearly he needs the food, not me. Love you, honey. Nice to see you again, George.”

Before Hannah could turn to her, Susan had slipped through the tables and out the door. Instead of apparating home, like she normally would, she decided to walk. She wrapped her arms around herself. “I can’t believe I just did that.”

She turned the corner and began to walk towards her shop. She shivered in the cold, having forgotten that she did not wear a jacket.

“Susan, wait!”

Her steps stopped. Surely she was hearing things. She turned around and saw George running after her. She hugged herself tighter as he ran to catch up to her.

He got to her and stopped. He was breathing heavy. “Hey, I’m sorry.”

“You ran out into the cold to say you were sorry?”

He grinned at her. “Yes, I’m sorry. Hannah practically pushed me out the door, saying it took forever for her to get you out. I didn’t want you to run away.”

A cold breeze blew past them. It was starting to snow again. “I wasn’t running away.”

“Oh gods, you are shivering. Here.” He slid his jacket off and put it around her.


“No, no buts. Come on. The pie should be done about now and I want to share it with friends.” George pulled her close to him and started to walk her back to the pub. “Besides, I need you to keep me warm now.”

Susan couldn’t help the laugh. “So put your coat back on. I was almost home.”

“Almost home and no dinner. I can’t have you starving on my account.” George slid his arm around her shoulder. “I’m just sensitive when it comes to Fred. I still miss him.”

Susan looked sad. “I understand. He was your twin. He was with you every day of your life. I really meant nothing except a memory.”

George nodded his head. “I know. Hannah told me as much before she told me to take my scrawny arse out the door and bring you back or I won’t have another bite to eat from her kitchen. Now that is a threat worth braving the cold.”

Her laughter shocked him. “Hannah would only withhold it for about five minutes and then take pity on you.”

“I don’t think you know her that well. I watched her starve Ron once.”

“Ron never stops eating. I don’t know what you are talking about.” Susan said quickly. Their quick banter was making their steps a bit faster.

George pulled open the door to the Leaky. “Hannah, I brought her back. Now feed me!”

Susan laughed at him as he kept his arm around her shoulder and led her back to the table.

“Good thing you did, George Weasley. I was going to have Hermione talk to your mother.” Hannah had a wooden spoon in her hand while carrying the pie to the table. She set it down and watched as George slid in next to Susan. Her eyes began to twinkle.

Hannah slid in on the other side. “Neville is going to be here soon. He heard you were coming out tonight, Sue, and wanted to talk to you.”

Susan shivered one last time. “Damn, Hannah, do you have any heat in this place?”

“She wants to know if there is any heat in here. Bloody woman stomping out into a snowstorm with no jacket.” Hannah muttered as she waved her wand making the fire grow in size.

“You are cold? You still have my jacket.” George slid both arms around her in a friendly fashion. “The least you could do is just hug me. I’m frozen!”

Susan laughed. “It is not my fault you took it off.”

“Now doesn’t this look cozy? So, Susan, how long have you been seeing George?”

Susan looked up in shock, eyes wide. “Neville, hi! Um, this isn’t what it looks like.”

She heard George laugh beside her. She hoped he would clear it up for them. She poked him in the side, only to be tickled by him.

“Yes, you are right. I can clearly see that you are in the middle of a battle, and obviously not sitting there with the arms of a single Weasley wrapped around you while making you squirm. Sorry, I was mistaken. Hi, love.”

Neville kissed Hannah as she stood up and wrapped her arms around him. “Hi, sweetheart.”

“Oh gag me, please.” Susan said as she watched the display. She really was happy for her friend.

George turned and looked at her. “Seriously. What shall I gag you with? I don’t have any toffees with me.”

“George, that is my best friend you are attempting to flirt with. Just so you know she is oblivious. And my best friend, stuff it. You’re just jealous because he is all mine.” Hannah winked at Susan.

Susan put her hand over her heart. “You have found me out, but you are only slightly wrong. I am so jealous of Neville. He gets to taste those sweet succulent lips.” Her face was completely sincere.

George laughed beside her. “Oh wow, you did that so well. If I weren’t watching your face I wouldn’t have seen it. You are so believable.”

“Believable and full of shite, too.”

Hannah let Neville slide in before her. She kept her on the pub as they sat there. Four plates were pulled out and Hannah served them all.

“Merlin, Neville, if you don’t snap this one up quick, I may have to make a move on her,” George said lightheartedly.

“Keep your paws to yourself, Weasley. She is all mine.” Neville said with a grin.

Susan remembered a time when Neville would have kept quiet. She loved the new found confidence. Granted, killing a huge snake would do the trick.

“Oh boys, there is no need to fight.” Hannah winked at Susan. “I promise I will continue to cook for both of you, at least until you find someone to cook for you on your own.”

George groaned. “Do you know how hard that is? I mean you would think it would be easy for me, right? I dated Angelina. We have known each other for years. Suddenly I need to grow up. She loved me at Hogwarts, what is different? I am making money at what I do.”

“Angelina is special, George. I think she has had one too many bludgers to the head. Maybe if she stopped traveling the country as a journalist for the Holyhead Harpies she would realize that she really likes you the way you are.” Hannah tried to placate him.

Susan stiffened a bit when he was talking about Angelina. She knew that it was too much to ask.

“Then there was Cho. I don’t know what Harry or Cedric ever saw in her. She cries at the drop of a hat!”

Neville grimaced. “Still? I remember hearing Harry telling Hermione that their kiss was ‘wet’ or something like that.”

“I totally get that! I would ask her to dinner and she would cry. I would take her to a Quidditch match, she would cry. I broke up with her and you know what? She didn’t cry. She said okay and turned and walked away. That was her most interesting moment.”

Neville and Hannah laughed with George. Susan just sat back and began to watch. It was what she was good at.

Neville sat back and smiled regretfully. “Just be thankful that you never had Romilda Vane chasing you. After she bought the chocolates for Harry, she gave up on him. Right after the battle she was trying to give me all kinds of sweets.”

“Romilda Vane?” Hannah said sharply. “Really? I will have to give her a call sometime and ask how she is doing.”

“Be nice, Hannah. At that point, I only had eyes for Luna.” Hannah popped him. “Ouch. Wasn’t that when you and Ernie were still dating? I don’t want to hear it. You have a past, too!”

“And you better remember you have a future.” Hannah tried to glare at him.

George crooked his head and watched Susan for a minute. “So, I guess this means you don’t have a past since you are the quiet one.”

“Don’t get her started, George. She will shock you with a few of her escapades,” Hannah said quickly. She always managed to draw attention away from Susan.

“Shock me? Oh I want to hear now. So what was his name?” George winked at her.

Susan closed her eyes and shook her head. When she opened her eyes she raised an eyebrow at Hannah.

“Oh do what you want, Susan. I’m going to go check on some dessert.” Hannah got up quickly.

“Wow, it must be something big if your own friend runs away,” George said quietly.

Susan hummed and glanced at Neville. “I accept you for who you are. I thought you already knew that.”

“I know you do, Neville. That is why I’m so happy that you are with Hannah. She needs a stabilizing force.”

“You have to admit that she has stopped being so dramatic. I think she could almost handle knowing that you dated a few Slytherins at school. I don’t know why it bothers her so much.”

“Slytherins? Really? Wow, now I’m impressed.”

Susan just shrugged. “It wasn’t anything really. When you watch from the sidelines you start watching the other watchers. Soon you move closer together and compare notes.”

Neville laughed. “Is that what you were doing when Hannah walked into your room?”

Susan’s face turned bright red. “Neville, I will not repeat the story again. I was comparing notes at that moment.”

“What kind of notes?” George asked.

“You know what? It was all your fault, too!” Susan turned and glared at George.

His eyes went wide. “How is it my fault?”

Neville spoke up quickly. “Apparently they were comparing notes on what certain potions you had for sale did on certain body parts.” He coughed and turned slightly red.

George fully turned in his seat. “Really? Which ones? What happened? Is there any way I can improve on them?”

Hannah came back. “Oh you got him started. Of course you did! I will be scarred for life.”

Neville pulled her back into the booth. “It’s okay; I will help you erase those memories.”

“Neville, do you know what the worst part was? She complained if I snuck down to the dungeons to do it. She was worried I wouldn’t come back alive. Was I supposed to just do this in the middle of the corridors?” Susan asked.

“So, where is he now?” George asked quickly. “Ouch.” He glared at Neville.

Susan’s face lost its animation. “He’s dead.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Susan. I had no idea.” George slid an arm around her and squeezed her again. “Now I feel even worse about earlier.”

“Don’t.” She shook her head. “He died in the battle. It’s been five years now.”

“Really? Who was it?” He gazed into Susan’s eyes that were getting moister by the minute.

“Theodore Nott.” She said it quietly, blinking the tears away.

George sat back for a minute and thought. Hannah saw where his thoughts were going. “He was a death eater, George.”

“It wasn’t by choice, Hannah. His father forced it on him.” Susan was defensive.

“He had that tattoo on his arm for a year!”

Susan felt her irritation growing. “His father was Voldemort’s executioner. Do you really believe he would have been able to escape? We talked about the different ways. If the battle had waited just a few more weeks we would have left the country together.”

“He was just saying that, Susan.” Hannah said.

Susan looked away fighting the tears again. “You know what, Hannah. Let’s just leave it at that. He died saving my life. He did not have to jump in front of the killing curse. He died for me. To avenge him, I killed his father.”

Susan was starting to shake. George ran his hand up her arm. “You know what? Thank you for the lovely dinner, Hannah. I have to run now.”


George slid out of the booth. She followed him out. “It was lovely seeing you, Neville. I’m sure we will see each other soon.” She turned to George. “Thank you for letting me use your jacket.”


“Hannah, I love you very much. I need to go now.” She didn’t even look back at her friend. She tried to hand George his jacket back.

“No, you keep it. I will walk you home.” George turned to Hannah. “I will see you tomorrow night. Same time and place?”

Hannah just nodded to him. Her tears were starting to fall. Neville put an arm around Hannah.

Susan walked to the door and stepped outside into the bitter cold. She shivered. “Hey, wait for me. I’m walking you home, remember.”

“I can just apparate, you know.” She was building up her defenses. She was not really in the mood to defend Theo’s actions. She knew who he was. She loved him. She lost him. The tears began to slide down her face.

George looked down into her face and wiped the tears away. “Now look at you. Should I start calling you Cho?” he teased gently.

The fire began to flicker in her eyes. He put a finger on her mouth before she could retort.

“There is a difference. I see the fire in your eyes. You have every reason to cry if what I pieced together is what happened.” He waved his wand and Susan felt the blast of a warming charm fall over her.

“Thank you.”

He smiled. “Anytime. I can’t let you freeze before I get you home.” He pulled her close to him. “It’s just a little charm, not enough to stay outside for hours, but enough to get us to your house.”

“Do you do that often? Randomly put charms on people?” she asked casually.

“Honestly, no, not often. This one just sort of made sense. It would be rude of me to do it for me and leave you cold. My mother would have my head for Christmas dinner if she ever heard about it.”

“Don’t tell me you are scared of your mother,” she joked.

George looked appalled. “Have you seen my mother? Have you heard one of her howlers? I think if that were to happen I would just invite myself to your house that way she cannot complain.”

Susan glanced at him, but she remained silent.

“You are a quiet one, aren’t you? I noticed that. You come alive when someone speaks directly to you, other than that you slide back into the shadows.” George slid his hands into his pockets as they walked comfortably towards her shop.

Susan nodded. “You saw me do it. You are the first one to notice it, well besides…”

“Hey, don’t let Hannah get to you. I might have a few words with her tomorrow night.” He tried to smile for her.

“I don’t understand her. She was happy when she heard I had a boyfriend. Then she found out he was in Slytherin and it just got worse.” Susan shrugged her shoulders. “Nothing ever pleased her.”

“So why are you friends?”

Susan glanced up at him. “Because we are. That is what we do. We become friends. We fight for our friends. Don’t get me wrong. I love Hannah to death. She is the sister I never had. She just can’t always see beyond the house you were sorted into. She is practically engaged to Neville who is great friends with Harry. Do you know the hell she put Harry through? Her and Ernie. I blame him for most of it - Ernie. He is a right arse.”

“Okay, I guess I can see that. Your house is your home while you are there.” George turned the corner. “That’s it over there, right?”

Susan nodded. Justin had been by and turned on the fairy lights in the store. It multicolored lights created a cheerful glow to the snow filled street beyond it. “That’s my shop. I don’t remember you ever stopping by.”

George smiled at her. “I typically don’t remember to buy a girl flowers.”

He watched her perform the spell to unlock the door. He was impressed. It took more than the simple alohomora. The door slid open and a burst of heat greeted them. He stepped into the shop after her. “Is it just you here?” he asked looking around the shop.

Susan nodded. “Yes. Justin helps me in the shop. Sometimes he stays over. I have a room for him at the back of the store. My own flat is above the store.”

George stopped to smell some of the roses. They were unique roses spelled to show the exact color of the owner’s house of choice. George picked up a red one with yellow tinged tips. “This is beautiful.”

“Thank you, George. Those are some of my favorites. I had fun with the ones for Hufflepuff. I have a mixture of black roses with yellow edges or yellow roses with black edges.”

He picked one up. “Gorgeous.” He turned around and smiled at her. He held it out for her. “You need a flower every now and then too.”

“So, Mr. Weasley, shall I start up a charge account for you then?” She smiled as she took the rose. She slid it into a simple vase and tied a black and yellow checked ribbon around the vase. She also added a hint of baby’s breath. “So what do you think? Do you need a card?”

He followed her to the table and watched her work. “Yes, a card would be lovely.”

Susan laughed and pulled out a card. “What would you like it to say?”

He stepped closer to her and lifted her chin. “You need a kiss.”

She was perplexed over what he was saying. Then his lips came down on hers in a soft kiss. Before she even had time to register that George Weasley had just kissed her, it was over.

She touched her lips with her fingers and gave him a questioning look. “What was that for?”

He smiled. “You are standing underneath a sprig of mistletoe. I wouldn’t want you to not have a traditional kiss.”

“Oh, okay.” She turned around and busied herself. She moved the vase over to the window so it could be seen from the outside of the store.

“I guess I will be going now. I had a great time.” He followed her to the window, trapping her at the counter, not letting her move. He leaned into her body and whispered into her ears. “We should do this again.”

Susan turned and gazed into his eyes. “Alright, we will have to. Thank you for walking me home.”

George smiled at her again. “The pleasure was mine.” He leaned down and kissed her again before turning to walk out of the shop.

Susan watched him walking away. She felt her heart flutter, something she had not felt in ages. She smiled softly and turned only to find Justin watching her.

“Well now this is a bit interesting. First I get a floo call from Hannah wanting to apologize to you. She was distraught that you weren’t home yet. She was afraid you had escaped from George Weasley and been abducted. I come downstairs to find you in the arms of said Weasley. I need details, sweetheart.” Justin was leaning against the banister waiting for her to answer.

She closed her eyes. “Well come on up then. Do you have the tea ready? I will go and change while you tell Hannah that I made it home and that is it!” She brushed past him and up the stairs.

As she changed back into her pajamas, she heard him floo Hannah and say that she was in the bathroom taking a shower. He promised to have Susan floo in the morning. He would make sure that she was taken care of. “Yes, mother.”

“Oh my heavenly Hufflepuff!” Susan stifled a laugh at his favorite expression as she walked back into the living room. “Come on over and tell me all about it. What did she say tonight?”

Susan crossed the floor and cuddled up next to Justin on the sofa. “Theo was brought up tonight. She did her normal disappearing act and then was completely unreasonable afterwards.”

“Oh sweetheart, I’m so sorry. You know I am.” He hugged her tightly and kissed the top of her head. “So where does the lone twin fall into the scheme of things? And that kiss?”

Susan smiled sweetly. “He came in tonight and Hannah had him to join us. He was there through it all. He heard about….” She stopped speaking for a minute as the overwhelming feeling of loss began to consume her again. She swallowed. “He heard about Theo. He watched the fight with Hannah. He walked me home.”

“As simple as that sounds, that does not mean that Susan gets a kiss goodnight.”

She shrugged her shoulders and cuddled closer. “I was apparently standing under some mistletoe that you hung earlier.”

“I didn’t hang any mistletoe. I know how you are with it.” Justin said quietly.

“You didn’t, then why?” Susan was perplexed.

Justin kissed the top of her head. “Oh sweetie, sometimes you are too blind for your own good.”

“I’m not blind. I just don’t see what you think you see.” She sighed as she lay there.

“One day you are going to have to move on, baby girl. He wouldn’t want you sitting here night after night mourning for him.” Justin adjusted himself and pulled her into his lap and held her.

All of the tears that tried to escape came pouring out. She clung to her best friend as he comforted her. “I know he wouldn’t. It just hurts to think about someone else. It hurts that there isn’t someone else. With these mixed up feelings I then have to deal with Hannah who still refuses to acknowledge what our feelings were.”

“Don’t you worry about her. We will take care of her. I will have Neville talk some sense into her this time.” He rubbed circles into her back. “Come on, sweetie. You need to get some sleep.” He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. She slid down his body and hugged him.

“Thank you, Justin. I love you baby.” She pulled back her blankets and crawled into her bed. She rolled onto her side holding onto her pillow as she continued to cry herself to sleep.

“I love you, too, Susan baby. I’ll be downstairs if you need me.” He slipped out the door and dimmed the lights in the flat, before slipping out the door and back downstairs.

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