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Gift Exchange Masterlist (And Reveals)!

And that's it, guys! As one of our last actions as your Term XXVII mods, we proudly present you what you all have waited for; the masterlist and reveals for our Holiday Gift Exchange! Thank you so much for being wonderful and making this exchange such a big success! It was a true pleasure to work with you. ♥

Recipients, be sure to go ahead and thank your gifters if you haven't already! But now, without further ado...

Cyn/cyn_ful wrote All I Want for Christmas for Kaity/kaitydid33087
Noelia/sickle_girl drew The world in my books for Daria/bothersombadger
Crystal/bluemermaid wrote Warm Socks and Hot Chocolate for Muffin/muffinpatronus
Whitney/csichick_2 wrote First Christmas for Emily/xonceinadream
Dani/pinkphoenix1985 wrote Christmas Past,Present,and Future for Empress/empressempoleon
Muffin/muffinpatronus drew Helena in Winter for Noelia/sickle_girl
Colleen/schizophrenic0 wrote Love and War for Caitie/caitieness
Kaity/kaitydid33087 wrote Baby, Its Cold Outside for Cyn/cyn_ful
Delphine/nearlyconscious drew Black Pearls for Avi/flyingharmony
Emily/xonceinadream wrote Some Kind of Different for Bonster/jacklemmon
Caitie/caitieness wrote Send My Heart (Across the Line) for Kristine/flipflop_diva
Fairy/scarletladyy wrote Worth Waiting For for Delphine/nearlyconscious
Daria/bothersombadger drew Music Love for Crystal/bluemermaid
Avi/flyingharmony wrote Creatures Of Grief And Dust for Fairy/scarletladyy
Empress/empressempoleon wrote A Typical Weasley Christmas Eve for Dani/pinkphoenix1985
Cyn/cyn_ful wrote Christmas Eve Magic for Whitney/csichick_2*
Kristine/flipflop_diva wrote All I Want For Christmas (Is You) for Colleen/schizophrenic0

*Pinch Hit
Tags: !mod post, !special term event
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