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Officially: Welcome to Term XXVIII

Officially, welcome to Term 28, everyone! ♥ We are Anie | wasureneba and Bei | sapphoatsunset, both of VikingpuzzleRavenclaw, and we are your mods for this term. We are incredibly excited to be here, and we have a lot of fun things in store for you all!

Schedule & Points Information
As always, our weeks will end on Sundays, 23:59 pm UTC. Each week will be marked with a New Week! post. We will also be posting a mod newsletter every other week, to occur on either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on RL. This newsletter will contain a writing trope and tutorials we could find as well as examples. It will also contain a roundup of all work to the comm in the past two weeks, an art style with a tutorial, and an image or song for inspiration. Authors and Artists that create works using either of the tutorial’d styles might get a shiny for doing so, but obviously no extra points. :) [You would need to say so in the notes in the header because as much as we’d love to read and consume everyone’s works all term, that’s not a very feasible promise... ♥]

Points-wise, everything will remain the same; to help you (and us) keep track of everything, there is a public spreadsheet. It is linked in the sidebar for your convenience. We will aim to update this spreadsheet weekly so everyone knows where they stand.

Additionally, we will be bringing back the monthly summaries and shinies for highest earners in each house so look for those shortly after the end of each month.

Writer’s Block, Artist’s Block & Saturday Specials
There will generally be two Writer’s Block challenges posted every month. They will normally run from Monday - Sunday with voting from Monday to Wednesday and a break Thursday to Sunday every two weeks (UTC). In February, we will post 1 Writer’s Block and 1 Artist’s Block as a trial test of the Artist’s Block idea--a challenge like Writer’s Block, but for our artists where doodles will be submitted in response to a prompt and then voted on for placement. We’ll be looking for feedback at that point to share with the mods who will decide officially if Artist’s Block will be something that we offer as a community.

We are going to try something new with Saturday Specials this term in an attempt to rejuvenate participation. Saturday Specials will be posted Friday evening (Saturday AM UTC) and run until Sunday at 11:59pm UTC. This should give roughly 48 hours to complete them. The prompts will be more along the lines of tropes and themes, leaving it open-ended so creators have the maximum range of freedom to express themselves.

Special Events
We are planning to host one special event this term. We are still working out the details of what exactly we're going to do, and will post a poll shortly with an explanation of our ideas so that you can give feedback on what sounds the most exciting. We’ll plan to have this on a non-Hogsmeade month and will post an official schedule once we’ve confirmed which months those will be with the Hogsmeade Mayors. If you have any ideas for this, feel free to reach out to us. We’d also love to hear any ideas you have at our contact post.

Comment Bingo
This term we’re going to try something new to help get commenting up in our community. There will be a social monthly bingo that is fulfilled by commenting on the works of others within our fair community. Hopefully that and the shiny for completing said bingo card each month will be incentive to be better at showering love on each other. :) They will be due for the month on the last day of the Sugarquill month, and you should expect the January’s signup post by this weekend.

Good news all our knitting fiends! Yarn craft/knitting, which includes crocheting by our definition, is now accepted at Sugarquill. This term will be a trial run for offering this medium. As of right now, yarncraft will follow the art rules, however we will reaching out to those of you who knit to help us devise a better scale that is more applicable to yarn craft. We appreciate your help in advance.

We will also be bringing back the betas! We will be using the same points system as before which will be detailed in a signup post to drop shortly. Also, if anyone has any feedback on what did and didn’t work regarding betas in the past, feel free to hit up the contact post so we can take that into account.

A Few Reminders Before We Close
Please make sure to not use any tags that start with exclamation point (!). We have updated tags that were in that category before to start with an asterisk (*) if they apply to member posts and not mod posts. This should make it easy to pull up the ones you need quickly. And please make sure if you want something cross-posted to tumblr that you utilize the *tumblr allowed tag. Otherwise it might get missed in the fray and that would be very sad times indeed.

Please do not post any NC-17 or R rated works directly to the community. Instead, you can make post for points and have the post link to the location of those fics outside of this community. This is still a BBFC 15 landcomm system and we need to uphold that. We will not go back and grouch at people who have broken this rule in the past (*cough; hides*) but let’s all try to follow the rules from here on out. *wink*

Finally, all sigtags must be under 100px in height. We will not grouch at anyone who has previously used a larger tag, but let’s all try to follow the rules from here on out. *wink*

Note: Order Mods, this means the tumblr tag has changed to “*tumblr allowed”.

Did we forget something?
If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us anytime. Comments here are unscreened, but there is a contact post where the comments are screened.

Again, we're really happy to be here, and we're looking forward to an amazing term! ♥

Also, apologies that this took so long. We needed to nail down some things first so we wouldn't spam you tooooooo much. :D ♥ Special Event Poll and Beta Signups should be posted by tomorrow at the latest.
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