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Title: The Most Magical Place on Earth
Summary: Harry, Ron, Hermione & Ginny visit the Magic Kingdom! This was inspired by a Muggle Cultural Society activity.
Characters/Pairings: Well, you know they’re couples.
Genre: idk. Plain ol’ fun!
Beta: Myself
Rating/Warnings: G
Medium: Fanfic
Word Count: 1206
Can the Order post to Tumblr?: No thanks.

The Most Magical Place on Earth

I've brought Ron and Hermione as well as Harry and Ginny to Disney World -- specifically, the Magic Kingdom. Harry and Hermione are at least a little familiar with the concept, though they've never attended, and Ron and Ginny had the experience extra-hyped to them by their Muggle-related significant others. I think we’re going to be in for a pretty exciting day.

Going through the turnstiles Ron and Ginny gawked at how it was working, much to the dismay of all the Guests they were staring at (and to Harry and Hermione’s embarrassment).

“I wish Dad could be here to see this!” Ginny remarked.

“I know! It’s like the ones in Muggle London but so much weirder!” Ron agreed.

Ginny and Ron walked around with their heads picked up high as they looked around Main Street, USA and tried to take in all the sights. Harry and Hermione were watching them with amused smiles.

“It’s very busy and crowded, like Muggle London,” Ginny commented.

Ron nodded, “Yeah, but it looks older, like Diagon Alley. And I don’t think Muggles would be too smart to be walking through the middle of this street with that trolley coming up the way.”

“They don’t look like they care,” said Ginny.

Ron laughed as we went under the archway for Adventureland and asked if they could have come up with a more generic name. I won’t tell him what he’s in for.

We rode the Jungle Cruise and Ginny asked me how we went from Asian rivers to African rivers to South American Rivers. I said it was magic, but I don’t think she believed me. Ron thought our skipper was pretty funny, though I could tell he did not understand the joke when the skipper told us the name of the python was Monty and the two boa constrictors were Steven and Tyler. Harry got it though, and he swallowed his sip of water the wrong way. Ginny, also having not understood the joke, patted his back with concern.

We went on the Magic Carpets of Aladdin in Adventureland and Ginny kept trying to lean over the side to watch how the carpet was being picked up. I could tell she was a little disappointed that she could see the mechanical arms, but she had fun when Hermione was able to make the carpet go higher.

“But real flying carpets aren’t this bulky,” Ron said.

“No, I’m sure they’re not, Ronald.”

On Pirates of the Caribbean, Ron talked loudly about the blokes running around looking very stiff, but that they were singing a catchy tune. Hermione knew the song and sang along through the whole ride. I sang with her, and Harry joined in somewhat, but Ron and Ginny just watched us with confused looks.

We ate lunch at the Columbia Harbor House and sat upstairs on their balcony. Ron was very satisfied with his clam chowder and fried shrimp, and Hermione said she hadn’t had a lobster roll that tasty for a long time. Harry and Ginny both had the tuna at my recommendation.

When we got to the Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square, Ginny and Ron appeared utterly unimpressed with the "ghosts" but Hermione said it was her favorite ride of the day. Ron conceded that the ghosts were singing a pretty catchy tune.

“Those ghosts were clearly not real,” Ron kept saying and Harry kept telling him to stop overthinking the fun.

Harry's favorite ride was Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland; Ginny said she enjoyed it, but the color in her face and the seven-minute sit-down she had afterward suggested otherwise. (“I just want to rest,” she said).

When I explained that Splash Mountain was a slow ride with ten minutes of sitting down, Ginny agreed that we could go on that next. Ron did not seem excited by this, but I had him sit in the front and told him to trust me. On our way going down the mountain, Ron got soaked. This might have upset him at first, but through the rest of the ride he seemed to calm down. He even joined in with the song by the end.

“This song is very catchy,” he said as he nodded his head in tune with the music.

When we went on the Mad Tea Party ride in Fantasyland, Ron and Harry tried to make the teacup spin as fast as it would go, despite the protests of Hermione and Ginny. After that, the girls insisted we get drinks and I let us over to the Enchanted Grove for frozen lemonade. Ron was so excited by this (it was very hot that day) that he drank too much at once and ended up with headache. He finished his drink, though.

When we tried to suggest it, Ron and Ginny refused to ride on the Dumbo the Flying Elephant rides because they "just don't get it." Harry and Hermione were slightly disappointed, but said that this meant they could not refuse to ride on Space Mountain in Tomorrowland.

Ginny greened a bit at this idea, but nodded her head. “I’ll be alright, I just need to prepare myself for the ride. You keep surprising me!”

Inside Space Mountain all four of them complained about the wait time, but after the ride was over, they all insisted on riding it two more times.

After Space Mountain marathon, we went over to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover. I described this as another ten-minute ride of sitting down and Ron got skeptical. The others laughed.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “This is air conditioned, not water.” Ron and Ginny very much enjoyed the air conditioned relaxation.

Because it's my absolute favorite ride in all of Magic Kingdom, I insisted that we had to ride Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress before leaving Tomorrowland. By the time the ride was over, I had all four of them singing the theme song with me. Ron sang along loudest.

Ginny said it was her favorite ride of the day, because she liked the dog Rover. Ron was amused with the miraculous Muggle changes depicted in the sequences, “And I want to try that virtu-ish real-y thing!”

Both agreed that this would probably have been their father's favorite ride as well; a celebration of Muggle achievements.

On the way out we stopped at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor for ice cream cones. While we waited in line, Ron remarked, “This place is fun, but for being called the ‘Magic Kingdom,’ I’ve encountered no actual magic.” Hermione lightly smacked his arm and told him not to be sour.

When they brought us our ice cream cones, we all got ours on standard sugar cones with two scoops of ice cream.

All except for Ron. Ron was given his requested flavor in an overly large waffle cone that had been dipped in chocolate and sprinkles around the brim. There was whipped cream and a cherry on top, as well as small chocolate disk making the whole thing look like Mickey Mouse. The girls behind the counter shouted loudly when they handed this to him and declared this a "Magical Moment."

"Alright. I take it all back," Ron said as we started our walk down the street.

Claire // Hufflepuff // 40 points
Tags: character: ginny weasley, character: harry potter, character: hermione granger, character: ron weasley, creator: nfgs, form: fic, genre: gen, rating: g
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