Iris (iam4him) wrote in hh_sugarquill,

Ficlet Challenge #76

Title: Squib
Summary: A 9 year old Argus Filch and his mother having a discussion of his lack of magic.
Characters/Pairings: Argus Filch
Genre: Gen
Rating/Warnings: G
Medium: Ficlet
Word Count:
Can the Order post to Tumblr?: No
If yes, your Tumblr username: N/A

"Can't you just try one more time Argus?" Mrs. Filch pleaded. "Just one more time for mommy?"

"I've been trying all day mom!" cried Argus. "I can't do it. If I could I would, but I just can't!"

Argus threw his mother's wand across the room and fell to the ground crying. She had been doing this for weeks. He knew he was nine and that he should have shown signs of being magical years ago. None of this was helping and it certainly wasn't making him feel any better. All the other kids already called him "Squib." That filthy word. He'd rather be a Muggle than a Squib. At least Muggles didn't know what they were missing. Muggles could just carry on about their day none the wiser. They didn't have to loathe themselves for being nonmagical. They didn't have to feel as though they were born wrong, a mistake.

His mother walked across the room and picked up her wand. A single tear fell down her face and she sighed heavily. He knew was disappointing her. She had always been his biggest cheerleader. She always told everyone that one day he would show a sign. She always held out hope that he was just a late bloomer.

"The Hogwart's letter would be arriving soon. If you don't show some sign, Argus....any sign at all you won't receive one. They don't accept students that haven't shown a sign by the time they are 10. We'll have to send you to a Muggle school. I don't think I could bear it, Argus. Can't you just try one more time?"

"Okay," he said while wiping his nose on his sleeve. "Give me the wand and I'll try one more time. If it doesn't work you have to face it mom. If it doesn't work you have to just admit I'm a filthy Squib."

"Don't you ever say that word, Argus! Even if you can't perform magic I never want you to think of yourself that way. Just try! I know you can do it!"

Argus rolled up his sleeves and held the wand up one last time. "Lumos!"

Nothing happened. Not even a faint glimmer. His shoulders hunched and he began to sob. Mrs. Filch wrapped him in her arms and wiped his tears away.

"It's okay Argus. It's going to be okay. We'll find a way for you to live among the wizards. Even if you don't have magic, we won't throw you out into the Muggle world. I promise you, we will find a way."


419/30+5 = 19 points
Tags: *challenge, character: argus filch, creator: iam4him, form: ficlet, genre: gen, rating: g
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