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Bermuda Lime

One Ficlet, Challenge 12: No Place Like Home

Title: No Place Like Home
Summary: A moment of Hannah's exam-induced anxiety. Written to fit Ficlet Challenge 12: Hufflepuff Common Room.
Characters/Pairings: Hannah Abbott
Genre: Gen
Rating/Warnings: G, no warnings.
Medium: Ficlet
Word Count: 262
Can the Order post to Tumblr?: Sure
If yes, your Tumblr username: Don't have one.

Hannah was crying.

She tried not to cry much, really and truly, but it was so hard not to when Professor Snape was glaring down his nose at her whilst insinuating that she was going to fail everything and shame her family. Stuck in that dark, musty dungeon with the nauseating clouds of potion fumes, shriveling up beneath that sour stare, Hannah felt as though she could cry her way through an entire school's worth of handkerchiefs.

And so she stumbled into her common room with her eyes watering, nearly crashing her knee into a table because she could barely see two feet in front of her.

But there, in the warm glow of the Hufflepuff common room, Hannah felt herself getting better.

It was her favorite place in the whole world, the common room. With its bright yellow colors and soft armchairs, it was the perfect place to relax and be happy. Hannah collapsed onto a cushion and let out a sigh of relief, that she was cuddled up again in the safety of her home, so far away from the dungeon. Here, the air smelled like cupcakes and flowers, and the magical light cascaded from the ceilings, filling the room with a glowing warmth that was so much lighter and freer than the humid dampness of potions class.

Hannah closed her eyes and wiped her tears away. She always felt so much better about life when she got back to her common room. She even felt better about doing some studying, so that she could pass all of her exams.

Crystal/Hufflepuff/14 Points
Tags: *challenge, *tumblr allowed, character: hannah abbott, creator: bluemermaid, form: ficlet, genre: gen, rating: g
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