Ellie (erzsebet) wrote in hh_sugarquill,

ficlet challenge #23

Summary: written for ficlet challenge #23 ("Lost Art of Murder" by Babyshambles), and also inspired by drabble challenge #46 (Fat Lady won't let someone in)
Characters/Pairings: The Fat Lady, Severus Snape, mentions Lily Evans
Rating/Warnings: I don't like Snape? Also probably has inconsistencies with the canon scene this takes place after.
Word Count: 397
Can the Order post to Tumblr?: No thank you

He's been hunched over for hours, leaning against her frame. If she could wiggle the frame, move it just so, she'd shake him off of her. Instead she's stuck feeling every breath he takes, his shoulder blade pushing into her canvas. Scraggly hair brushes against her frame and she itches to flick it away.

She wishes he would leave. Instead he's anchored to her frame, and so she remains sitting, nose scrunched up and fanning herself with indignation. She doesn't feel comfortable leaving her portrait until he's gone, afraid of what he may do. Afraid an empty canvas won't be enough for the girl she's watched grow.

"I'm not going to let you in." He responds with a scoff and a glare, the same reaction as the other times she's said it tonight. She feels braver now, the large room behind her quiet, emptied of students, and so this time she adds, "You need to leave."

"She has to forgive me." Now it's her turn to scoff, snapping closed her fan. The sound it makes is loud, echoing through the empty halls, and she feels more than sees the other portraits turning to watch.

"She doesn't have to do any such thing. What you said was unforgivable!"

The boy leaps to stare at her, shoulders tense and lip curled. When he speaks his voice is hard and gruff. "She does. And she will." A chill runs up her spine and distantly she wonders if a student left one of the common room windows open. "I'll make her forgive me." He storms away before she can respond, determination and anger radiating from him, followed by whispering from the other portraits.

Once he's gone, she lets herself relax some, reclining in her chair, though her hands are shaking. She squeezes her closed fan until her bones sting, but at least they're finally still. She closes her eyes and concentrates on the rise and fall of her chest. She no longer feels like leaving her portrait, too exhausted from the rush of emotions.

The girl made the right choice. The portrait knows this, feels the intense rush of pride warming her, remembering how the girl stood stall and proud against her opposer. It was the right choice, yes. The brave choice. But boys like that are dangerous creatures, and Lily Evans is growing older still.

The Fat Lady can't protect her forever.

397/30 = 13pts + 5 (challenge)
Ellie | Gryffindor | 18pts
Tags: *challenge, character: fat lady, character: severus snape, creator: erzsebet, form: ficlet
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