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June Fic/Art Bingo!

Banner by renrenren3

Hello again! It's been a great month so far and especially for bingo! For everyone who participated (ie, signed up for a card and tried to fill it out), there's a tag waiting for you underneath the spoiler cut.


For everyone who completed at least a row of their bingo cards (and special shoutout to Delphine/nearlyconscious, who completed TWO rows!), you've got 5pts in your name from me!

It's officially a new month now, so let's do this again! We'll all start with new cards -- and a new theme -- but same rules apply:

1. Select a (randomized) Bingo Card, save the URL, and post it as a comment below: BINGO: CHARACTERS EDITION

2. Create either fic or art inspired by the prompts listed.

3. Complete a row of challenges within a month. These have to be things you write and post to SQ this month only. You only need to complete a row! Horizontal, diagonal, vertical, and the Free Square is free, so you can do four or five. Edit your comment with the challenges as you complete them.

4. ????

5. PROFIT A SENSE OF SELF-SATISFACTION AND COMPLETION. Congratulations! You've shaken off that writing/drawing rust! I'll be giving out an extra 5pts for the month from my own vault at the end of the month to anyone who has completed a row, and a shiny to everyone who participates.

Comments or questions let me know!
Tags: !mod post, !special term event
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