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Houses of Hogwarts: Second round of sign-ups are open!

hh_sugarquill's Houses of Hogwarts fest is a fanworks showcase honouring the witches and wizards of bold Gryffindor, sweet Hufflepuff, fair Ravenclaw, shrewd Slytherin -- and Hogwarts, where it all began. All kinds of work (femmeslash, het, slash, gen, etc), all ratings up to PG-13/Teen (as per hh_sugarquill guidelines), and writers/artists of all ages are welcome.

We're opening up a second round of sign-ups to fill up the remaining slots in the showcase. If you have already signed up for a house and received an assignment, you can sign up for a second house!

To participate:

  1. Please read the Houses of Hogwarts fest rules, submission guidelines, and deadlines. Direct any questions to sugarquillmods [at] gmail [dot] com.

  2. Sign up here!

  3. Sign ups close on 11:59pm Central on June 7 and assignments will be sent on June 8. When you receive your assignment, please confirm within 48 hours or your spot will be considered dropped.

Thank you!
Tags: !mod post, !special term event
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