Moon Goddess (cyn_ful) wrote in hh_sugarquill,
Moon Goddess

Fic: Drabble: A Decision

Title: A decision
Summary: Susan is faced with a choice
Characters/Pairings: Susan (with a hint of Theo)
Genre: Gen
Rating/Warnings: G
Medium: Drabble
Word Count: 96
Can the Order post to Tumblr?: sure if you want
If yes, your Tumblr username: super_cynful

Susan looked around the dark shop in Knockturn Alley. Theo promised that they would have what she wanted.

She felt the dark magic surrounding her. A witch looked up as she browsed, but left her alone. That was when she found it. The shining purple crystal. It looked so innocent, but it was said to be stronger than amortentia. She fingered the crystal and thought of all the people that could be helped by it, or hurt. It was the thought of pain that made her walk away.

cyn/slytherin/3 points
Tags: character: susan bones, creator: cyn_ful, form: drabble
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