Bermuda Lime (bluemermaid) wrote in hh_sugarquill,
Bermuda Lime

One Ficlet, Challenge 85 ("Who am I?")

Title: Nothing but Everything
Summary: He can be anything, and he can be anyone.
Characters/Pairings: Teddy Lupin
Genre: Gen/Angst
Rating/Warnings: G
Medium: Ficlet
Word Count: 267
Can the Order post to Tumblr?: Sure
If yes, your Tumblr username: N/A

Sometimes he has blue hair that reaches his shoulders, and his eyes glitter like gold. Sometimes he has freckles, or skin the color of chocolate. Sometimes he is six feet tall, and sometimes he lets the girls tower over him. They seem to like that.

He can be anything, and he can be anyone. He once turns into his best mate Julian, to take his place for a Divination exam. He never opted to take Divination for himself; he doesn't want to know his future.

If he can be anyone, how could he have any one future at all? Couldn't he have anything, couldn't he do it all? It should be exhilarating, with the promise of adventure, with the freedom from monotony, with the beauty of always having something new at his fingertips.

But all he feels is lost. If he can be anyone and anything, how is he to know what is real? He can look at his childhood photographs, but even there his hair is turquoise and his feet are tiny. He wonders if he even has a real self; it's not as though he can ask his parents. They never had the time to know anything about him.

"Who am I?" Teddy asks the mirror, placing his hands on the glass and willing his true self to come out. But he is nothing but a swirling mass of changes; he is nothing but everything.

Would it matter what he chose to look like? He is still the same on the inside, no matter how he looks out. But it bothers him just the same.

14 points
Tags: *challenge, character: teddy lupin, creator: bluemermaid, form: ficlet, genre: angst, rating: g
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