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Ficlet: Sea Battles (Challenge #89)

Title: Sea Battles
Summary: Fred and George break into the Prefects Bathroom and have an old fashioned sea battle.
Characters: Fred, George, Ron, Filch
Genre: Humor
Form: Ficlet
Rating/Warnings: G
Word Count: 547
Can the Order post to Tumblr?: No

"Get off me!" screamed Ron, who was being held down by Fred while George dangled a puking pastille in the air above his mouth.

"We just want the password to the Prefects bathroom Ron," said George.

"Is it really that big of a deal?" asked Fred. Ron tried to fight his way loose for just a moment more before resigning.

"Fine! It's Bubblegum Foam! Now get off!" he yelled as Fred finally let him up.

"Well, that wasn't hard now was it?" asked Fred.

"Thank you kindly Prefect Ronald," said George while giving an exaggerated bow. He and Fred hurried off down the hall toward the Prefect Bathroom, making sure no teachers could be seen in the corridor.

As they got near the door, Fred dropped a Decoy Detonator and waited until it had gone off down the hall. The bang and following smoke caused everyone in the corridor to run in just about every direction. This created enough of a diversion for them to whisper the password and slip into the bathroom unnoticed.

"All right!" exclaimed Fred, stripping down into his swimming trunks and running toward the pool size tub with George close behind. They filled the tub with various foams and bubbles, trying all the different faucets at least once. When they had had some fun trying everything out they relaxed and soaked in the warm bubbly bath they had created.

Fred ducked his head down under the bubbles. When he came back up the bubbles had formed a resemblance to a beard.

"Hey Fred you look like you could be some crazy Pirate, like in the Muggle stories dad always talks about! Like Blackbeard or something!" said George.

"Argh Matey!" said Fred raising his wand and casting a spell to make some of the bubbles form a ship. "I challenge ye to a good old fashioned sea battle!"

George took out his wand and made his own bubble boat. "Avast!" he called. "First to pop all the bubbles of the opponents ship wins all of tomorrows profits made on all goods sold tomorrow!"

Fred moved toward one of the many nozzles and turned it on. Out poured large bath salts and Fred enchanted them to fly toward George's ship. George flicked his wand, sending a wall of water up in front of his ship, disintegrating the bath salts before they could reach it. He sent a bar of soap flying at Fred's ship, popping the mast.

"Ha Ha!" called out George. In his moment of victory he wasn't paying attention and didn't see Fred hurtling an enchanted loofah right at his ship. It blew a hole right through the center of George's ship, leaving only a few bubbles unpopped.

"No!" cried George sending a wave of water straight for Fred's ship. Fred tried to move his ship out of the way in time but was too slow and with a giant splash it was gone.

"And then there were none!" called George sending another splash right at Fred's face.

"Well, well, well," they heard from behind them. "What do we have here?"

They turned around to see Filch standing at the door.

"Well," said Fred with a smile, "I find it highly inappropriate for you to be watching us take our baths quite frankly."

Points Earned - 18 + 5 = 23 points for Gryffindor!
Tags: *challenge, character: argus filch, character: fred weasley, character: george weasley, character: ron weasley, creator: iam4him, form: ficlet, genre: humor, rating: g
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