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July Special Bingo!

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Hey everyone! I hope everyone reached their goals for the June bingo! For everyone who participated (ie, signed up for a card and tried to fill it out), there's a tag waiting for you underneath the spoiler cut.


For everyone who completed at least a row of their bingo cards (and special shoutout to Delphine/nearlyconscious and Crystal/bluemermaid, who went above and beyond!), you've got 5pts in your name from me! (But for July, not June.)

It's officially a new month now, so let's do this again! We'll all start with new cards and a brand new theme -- this month, it's all about reading!

1. Select a (randomized) Bingo Card, save the URL, and post it as a comment below: BINGO: READING CHALLENGE EDITION

2. Leave love for either fic or art that fits the prompt listed. Because of the nature of reviewing art vs fic, at least 12 of the 16 pieces must be fic. It's up to you to choose which to read, of course, but it would be great if you could look at fics/art done this term first before you look in past terms.

3. Complete the full card within a month. There are only 16 squares so it's totally doable! Edit your comment with links to your reviews as you complete them.

4. ????

5. PROFIT A SENSE OF SELF-SATISFACTION AND COMPLETION. Yay! Everyone loves reviews! I'll be giving out an extra 5pts for the month from my own vault at the end of the month to anyone who has completed a row, and a shiny to everyone who participates.

Comments or questions let me know!
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