Moon Goddess (cyn_ful) wrote in hh_sugarquill,
Moon Goddess

Drabble: (no challenge) Hurricane

Title: Hurricane
Summary: Draco kissed a girl.
Characters/Pairings: Draco/Harry
Genre: Gen/Romance
Beta: n/a
Rating/Warnings: PG
Medium: drabble
Word Count: 98
Can the Order post to Tumblr?: yes
If yes, your Tumblr username: supercynful

Draco sat sipping the Hurricane out his glass, calmly ignoring the storm brewing.

“You kissed a girl?”

He glanced at the man who’s hair was blowing in the gale force winds.

“And I think I liked it.” Draco remained calm.

“You liked it?”

“Yes, you blockhead, I did like it. Now leave.” Draco tried to dismiss him.

However, that was not the plan. Draco was pulled up into a heated kiss and pushed up against a wall, his drink falling to the ground. He was breathless when the kiss ended.

“Next time you kiss a girl, remember that.”

“Yes, Harry.”

cyn/slytherin/3 points
Tags: character: draco malfoy, character: harry potter, creator: cyn_ful, form: drabble, genre: romance
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