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Houses of Hogwarts Fest FIC: Before Hogwarts: A History (G)

Title: Before Hogwarts: A History
Author/Artist: daughterjudy
House Category: Hogwarts
Summary: The founders discuss their school
Character(s)/Pairing(s): No pairings. Founders fic.
Genre: Gen
Beta: None
Rating: G
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): None.
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The pub smelled of stale ale and greasy food. But being in the middle of no where in the moors of Scotland, the four powerful wizards would not be recognized, even with their colorful cloaks. The four of them sat around a well worn table in the dark corner of the ale house, speaking in hushed tones. It was late in the summer of the year 990AD.

"There should be a more centralized way to educate our youth. There is so much that a young witch or wizard must learn before coming of age," said the curly head of Helga Hufflepuff, her cloak a golden yellow and black.

"Do you think it wise to have that much underage magic in one place though?" asked the dark haired witch among them.

"I don't much care about that. They should be brave and fight for what is right no matter what," boasted the red haired man, leaning back from the table.

"Bravery means nothing, my friend, if they do not have the ambition to follow through," spoke the dark haired gentleman.

"That's very true, Salazar. But where would we put such a place? Its not like we could build it near muggle towns?" Rowena gestured toward the thin man from across the table.

Godric spoke up after a moments quiet. "I have land north of here. There are no towns for miles. It would be perfect. There are rolling hills, a loch and a forest." He pulled a map from within the folds of his cloak. A spot was circled some miles north from where they were currently located.

Salazar had a hand on his chin. "It should be unplottable. We would not want other people knowing how our pupils are learning and where the future of our race is located for a large portion of the year."

"You're right. We could build a small town near the school as a distraction from the building there. And it should be as magical as we are," added Godric, eyes shiny wildly.

Helga was drawing on the condensation from her mug on the worn table. "We would have to be fair to all families that wish to send their children to learn."

Godric's pointed hat sat on the back of his chair. The leather was worn and loved. Rowena looked at the hat. "We could sort the children, by what we value most." She pointed to each of them in turn" Knowledge, Bravery, Ambition and everyone else." she added smiling at Helga" I think that hat will do just fine."

The other three turned to look at her, while Godric looked at his hat.

"My hat? Why would you use my hat?"

Rowena smiled vaguely "Because one can bespell it for Legilimens. To find the true values of the child, not just how they act among their peers. It would be perfect. We would want to do so before they get too old, as they could be overly influenced by their family members to be fair, but not to young as it would be unfair to the child."

"Eleven." said Helga. "All students should start in their eleventh year."

"We could have the best in each subject teach there."

"Transfiguration," stated Godric.

"Herbology," said Helga

"Potions," spoke Salazar.

"And Charms but that does not mean the other subjects can be forgotten. Divination, Artithmancy, Astronomy, History of Magic, Flying lessons. Those are all equally important," added Rowena. There was nodding from the others. Having the forethought, she brought out a quill and ink and started writing while the others discussed the dorms, the classrooms, and the great hall.

Godric ever the competitive one amongst them, brought up the interhouse cup. "Each year, the houses should start with points and can earn answering questions, and shown as having possessed the values of the house in which they are sorted and can lose them for the opposite."

Helga spoke, "And each house should have an elder student of each gender to act as mentors and advisors to the younger students. And there should be a boy and girl from the sixth or seventh year to act as leaders for the other prefects and they would aid the rest of the staff and the study hall."

"That's a splendid idea," responded Rowena as she kept writing down what had been already said. The gentlemen were still discussing the interhouse cup and it was getting rather heated.

Ever the referee, Helga intervened smiling widely. "Gentlemen, let us go see this land before you two decide to kill each other."

"Good idea," the men said in unison. Getting up gathering their cloaks, they settled the tab with the bar maid and wandered out into the summer breeze, to set about starting the foremost school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Jaime of Gryffindor / 27 pts
Tags: !special term event, character: godric gryffindor, character: helga hufflepuff, character: rowena ravenclaw, character: salazar slytherin, creator: daughterjudy, form: fic, genre: gen, rating: g
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