flipflop_diva (flipflop_diva) wrote in hh_sugarquill,

Fic Challenge 29: Crossover (HP & MCU)

Title: When Magic Meets Mayhem
Summary: There was no way that someone who could take out three Aurors without a wand could just be a Muggle, was there? Harry isn't sure, but he does know that there is something very different about this woman. Or, the time when Harry's auror mission doesn't go as planned and he and Hermione end up part of something that is far bigger than they expected. Set in some unspecified post-Deathly Hallows, post-CA:TWS world.
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Hermione, Ron, Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanoff
Genre: Action
Rating/Warnings: PG
Word Count: 1,458
Can the Order post to Tumblr?: Yes
If yes, your Tumblr username: N/A

She came out of nowhere, flying through the air silently, stealthily and so quickly that Harry hadn’t even realized she was there until his three comrades went down, all landing unconscious on the ground by his feet

1458 words = 49pts
+ 5pts for challenge

54pts for Puff!
Kristine | Puff
Tags: *challenge, *tumblr allowed, character: harry potter, character: hermione granger, character: ron weasley, creator: flipflop_diva, form: fic, genre: crossover, rating: pg
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