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Fic Challenge 166 (Joy)

Title: Spectrum of Joy
Summary: Every day is amazing when it's spent with Luna, even the serene ones.
Characters/Pairings: Ginny/Luna
Genre: Romance
Beta: None
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for implied sexy times.
Medium: Fic
Word Count: 750
Can the Order post to Tumblr?: Nah.
If yes, your Tumblr username: N/A

The leaves crunch under their feet as they go, and the autumn air smells of dirt and rain and plants. Luna spreads her arms wide and takes it all in, inhaling as deeply as she can. "Today is a glorious day," she says, beaming. She bends down and picks a yellow leaf up off the ground, sticking it in her hair. "Wouldn't you just love to be a leaf on a day like today?"

"Not really," Ginny replies, though she is grinning, too. "I do believe we would be dead if we were leaves today, falling off trees for women to trample all over."

"Nothing in nature really dies, you know," Luna tells her, growing serious. "Even you and me."

Ginny isn't sure what to say to that. It's one of Luna's blunt and curious truths, the sort of thing you can't really reply to without somehow inadvertently insulting the girl. Luna doesn't get hurt easily, lets cruelties flow off her back, but still Ginny can't bear to say anything against her. Instead she sighs with pleasure and begins to pull her hair free of its plait, letting the wind take her red locks where it may.

Destinations are never set in stone when one is with Luna Lovegood. They wander through the woods, just enjoying the scenery. Ginny feels a deep sense of serenity, to be one with nature. She's always appreciated the wind tugging at her hair, the scent of the outdoors, the contrast of hot sun and cool air on her skin. On the ground is not quite as thrilling as in the air, but when she's with Luna there is always some source for excitement.

They've searched for imaginary beasts and come away empty-handed but full-hearted; they've faced down dangerously real creatures and limped away scarred but triumphant. Other days, like this day, are full of quiet, with nothing but the trees surrounding them. Every day is amazing when it's spent with Luna, though, even the serene ones.

As they walk Ginny lets the pleasure thrum through her veins, her legs burning with exertion but not necessarily in a painful way. It's like some fine line between magic and Muggle, to walk through the woods. The trees sing with their own magic, and Luna places her hands on their trunks, speaking of the life found there. "They're enjoying our company as much as we enjoy theirs," Luna says, and Ginny threads her fingers through hers, places a gentle kiss on the back of her neck.

Holiday is joy. It's freedom and excitement and adventure and no worries, no obligation to have dinner with Mum and listen to her pointed hints towards her only daughter. Ginny doesn't want a stable future, has no interest in settling down. She only wants to be on holiday with Luna forever.

They lie in the dirt and watch the clouds float by overhead, white with grey edges in the dark blue sky. Leaves tumble down around them and Ginny blows them up into the air, laughing when Luna places them over her eyes.

"Don't look," Luna says, and Ginny shuts her eyes. "Just listen."

Squirrels rustle somewhere nearby, and from far away she hears a babbling brook. Luna whispers in her ear, a wave of warmth on her skin. "We're alone in a rush of life."

People speak of joy in all sorts of situations, birthdays and summer nights and first kisses, but Ginny has never really focused on what joy really means until this moment, in the dirt with Luna by her side.

They run alongside the river, splashing one another and using drying spells to do it all over again. Luna finds a frog and considers making it her pet, before deciding that he's better left to his home environment. "Frogs make notoriously unreliable pets, anyway," she declares. Ginny agrees whole-heartedly, remembering Neville's toad Trevor.

They toss leaves in the air and dance beneath them; they sneak around trees to spy on creatures from afar; they lament playfully over the lack of magical beasts. They roll about on the ground, and Ginny feels as though her heart could burst from the joy of it all.

She rolls over and crushes her beloved Luna, lips frantic and passionate, hands wandering down supple skin, and joy turns to ecstasy as the sky turns to night. Around them the forest is full of life and adventure, excitement and happiness; Ginny and Luna savor the spectrum of it, the many emotions of joy.

750 words + Challenge = 30 Points
Tags: *challenge, character: ginny weasley, character: luna lovegood, creator: bluemermaid, form: fic, genre: romance, rating: pg-13
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