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Term XXX Sugarquill Winter (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) Holiday Gift Exchange

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((This is the first of many posts to come over the next few days btw - there's at least 7 more.))

It's been awhile since there's been a gift exchange (at least outside of Hogsmeade) and with the various winter holidays coming up, it seems as good a time as any. This is going to run pretty similar to the one Avi and Kristine ran in Term 27. I did a lot of copy-pasting from that post so if something looks funky with the dates, let me know.

How this will work
Instead of just assigning gifts and having everyone post whenever, all completed gifts are going to be e-mailed to the mod account ( by 11:59p UTC December 14. Once this deadline has passed, pinch hits will go out immediately. Pinch hitters will have one week to write fics or produce art (until December 21).

On December 21, all the gifts will be posted to the comm - I will be scheduling all these posts so the sooner you get your story in, the better for my sanity. If you write a fic that is more than 3,750 words, it will post before 11:59p UTC so it will carry over to the last two weeks of term. If it's 3,750 words or less, it will post after 11:59p UTC so it will go toward the last week of term. (If you're going to write more than 7,500 words, please drop me a line, so we can figure something out! If you end up pinch hitting for art and the points will be more than 125, we'll also make sure we split it so you get all your points.)

If you drop out or go MIA or otherwise bail on your gift, you won't get your own present. Your present will be posted as a gift to the community. Obviously, we know that real life sometimes gets in the way and you can't always help it, but we want to try and reward people who do get their gifts in.

There are no extra points for the gift exchange, but participants will get a special shiny, and you get the fun in giving a gift to others and receiving one yourself.

As for requirements,
Fic: Needs to be 750+ words
Art: Finished quality

Signups close: 11:59p UTC Saturday, November 15
Assignments out: By 11:59p UTC Monday, November 17
Gifts due to the mod email: 11:59p UTC Sunday, December 14
Pinch-hits out: 11:59a UTC Monday, December 15
Pinch hits due: 11:59a UTC Sunday, December 21
Gifts posted: Just before or just after 11:59p UTC Sunday, December 22

To sign up!
If you'd like to participate, simply fill out the form below — TL;DR is always good here, the more information, the easier we can match you guys, so ramble, ramble, ramble! (Don't forget this is a strictly Harry Potter-themed exchange!)

We'll have an official post for pinch hitters once we get close to the gift deadline, but if you know now you would like to pinch hit, please feel free to let us know.

Signups end at 11:59p UTC on Saturday, November 15!
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