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Fic Bingo: Two Minutes

Title: Two Minutes
Summary: The first two minutes of a Quidditch match.
Characters/Pairings: Oliver Wood
Genre: General
Beta: None
Rating/Warnings: None
Medium: Ficlet Writing
Word Count: 457
Can the Order post to Tumblr?: Nope.
If yes, your Tumblr username: N/A

"You've got this," He whispers to himself after chewing and swallowing part of his breakfast. "You're going to stop every attempt at a goal and by the end of the game, people are going to love you!" He murmurs determinedly, nodding his head without thought.

It's his first game and he won't admit it to anyone that asks, but he's nervous. While the game doesn't depend on him, the mood of it does. If he lets in too many goals during the beginning of the game, everything could go to waste. But if he does amazing saves, everything could go really well.

"You've got this, Oli," He states with, eyes wide as he spots his captain, Alex, walking his way.

"You ready for today, Wood?" Alex questions and he pauses for a second before narrowing his eyes.

"Was born ready, cap'n," He answers cheekily which causes Alex to chuckle.

"Glad to hear it. Be out on the field within fifteen minutes, a'ight!" Alex states while walking away and Oliver sighs, pushing his plate of food away from him.

"You've got this, Wood," He murmurs to himself before straightening his shoulders. Not wanting to be late, Oliver stands from the table and quickly makes his way to the changing rooms out on the pitch.

He has this.


He can hear the crowd from the stands and grins, energy coursing through him. He hops in the same spot next to Alex, punching him lightly in his excitement. He doesn't realize that Alex is grinning at him. At least, not until the captain puts his hand on Oliver's shoulder.

"Remember the plan?" Alex asks and Oliver nods, going into position over the broom. Within moments, the whistle from Madam Hooch blew and Oliver found himself flying to the center of the field, straight above
Alex as Hooch went over the rules. Oliver almost found himself spacing out. Thankfully, he heard the whistle being blown again and made his way to the goal-posts to take his keeper position.

He feels so free, flying in front of the hoops, and he can't help but grin even wider. He's watching Alex swoop in and out of other plays and chuckles, shaking his head slightly at the antics of his captain.

He turns briefly to watch Corman, the fifth year seeker, flying a little ways in front of him. After a few seconds, Oliver frowns, wondering why he's waving his arms manically.

He narrows his eyes, about to shout out to Corman to repeat what he had said, when he feels a pain in his head.

That's all that he remembers.
"Er, I don't really remember. Took a bludger to the head two minutes in. Woke up in the hospital a week later."

15 points earned
Tags: character: oliver wood, genre: gen, rating: g
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