October 14th, 2014

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October Fic/Art Bingo!

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So sorry for the delay. I've been a little crazy lately - in the interest of getting this up before I go out of town (more on that later in the week), I'm mostly copy/pasting everything from Evy's May post.

Here's what you'll do:

1. Select a (randomized) Bingo Card, save the URL, and post it as a comment below: FIC CHALLENGES | FICLET CHALLENGES | ART CHALLENGES

2. Find the corresponding challenges. While the bingo cards say Fic, Ficlet, and Art, you can pick up a Fic challenge and mix and match it with any number that matches any of the other categories that exist (as long as there's a matching number you're fine!). There are a few numbers under Fic that don't correspond to any challenges, so go ahead and just replace them with any other number that does not already exist in your card. Just let me know. I'm not going to be too strict about this-- it's all for fun!

3. Complete a row of challenges within a month. These have to be things you write and post to SQ this month only. You only need to complete a row! Horizontal, diagonal, vertical, and the Free Square is free, so you can do four or five. Edit your comment with the challenges as you complete them.

4. ????

5. PROFIT A SENSE OF SELF-SATISFACTION AND COMPLETION. Congratulations! You've shaken off that writing/drawing rust! Completing a row will earn you 5 extra points (but don't forget-- ALL challenges have extra points once you do them!), and everyone who participates gets a shiny. Since the month is almost half over, I'll give you until the end of November to complete the card. If you finish in October, you'll get the 5 points in October. If you finish in November, you'll get them in November. You cannot earn the bonus points both months. There will be a separate November bingo as well.

Comments or questions let me know!