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Fic: Ron's Birthday Surprise - no challenge

Title: Ron's Birthday Surprise
Summary: Ron receives an interesting gift. Written for absolutelybatty, whose birthday was yesterday. Happy late birthday, Samantha!
Characters/Pairings: Ron, Harry, Hermione, Fred, George
Genre: romance, of a kind
Rating/Warnings: G
Word Count: 501

It was March 1st, and Ron was at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall happily receiving birthday wishes from his friends and family. He watched as the owls came in to deliver the day's mail and was surprised to receive an unlabeled package. He shook it, but it made no sound. He looked at Harry questioningly, the box still in his hands.

"What's in it?"

"How should I know? It's not from me," Harry said, a quizzical look on his face.


"It's not from me, either. Why don't you just open it?"

Ron looked over at Fred and George. "It's a prank from you two, isn't it? I'm going to open it up, and there will be a huge flash, and then I'll be covered in soot. That's it, isn't it?"

George grinned. "We didn't send it."

Fred chimed in, "That's a great idea, though. Maybe we'll do that next year."

Ron stared at them sceptically for a moment more, and then looked back down at the package. He sighed and then cautiously untied the silver ribbon holding the package together. He held the box at a distance and turned his head away as he removed the paper from the box and then lifted the lid. When nothing happened, he turned back towards the table and saw all his friends gawking at the box's contents. Looking down, he saw a pair of adorable bunny slippers, the faces on the toes of the slippers wiggling their little noses.

Ron glared at Fred and George. "Oh, very funny, you two."

"We already told you it's not from us," George snickered as Fred guffawed uncontrollably.

"Ron, I think there's a note under the slippers." Hermione reached a hand inside the box, but one of the bunnies turned its head quickly and nipped her finger hard enough to draw blood. "Ouch! Maybe they'll let you have the note, Ron."

Ron slowly lowered his had into the box, ready to retract it at the slighted movement from the slippers. The bunnies made no move against him, and he withdrew the note.

"Dear Ron," he read aloud, "I think you're as cute as these bunny slippers. I hope you have a happy birthday. Love, your secret Slytherin admirer."

Everyone within ear shot at the Gryffindor table erupted in laughter. Hermione was the first to regain her control. "What kind of Slytherin would send bunny slippers? That's just weird."

Ron scanned the Slytherin table, hoping to pick out the culprit, but not one of them was behaving any differently than they normally did. "It's probably just some sort of trap they plan on using to spy on the Gryfindor common room. I'm just going to throw them away." He lifted the box and carried it to the nearest bin.

As he walked away, he never noticed that the slippers had hopped out of the bin and were now following him to class.

Tags: character: fred weasley, character: george weasley, character: harry potter, character: hermione granger, character: ron weasley, creator: valkyrie_lisa, rating: g

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