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Posting Guidelines.
g u i d e l i n e s ;

HH Sugarquill is now open to the public. We will accept submissions of HP fanfiction and fanart from anyone. We also accept any of these in relation to HiH in general (i.e. relation to its members or mascots). Only members are allowed to earn points for their houses and join/vote in contests like Writer's Block. Please follow the following rules when posting any work.

01. The subject line should include the category of the work(s) [e.g., drabble, fic, art] and "challenge" if the work is in response to a challenge. Any other information in the subject line is optional and at your discretion. The order of information in the subject line is also at your discretion.

02. Copy/Paste this box and include this information in your post:

03. All works should be behind either an lj-cut or a link. Adult material rated R and NC-17 should be hosted off-site and linked.

04. Submissions should be tagged with the category (fic/art/etc), "*challenge" (if in response to one), rating, genre, characters, and "*tumblr allowed" if you wish to have your works crossed posted to tumblr at fromplatform934 by the order. If you'd like to keep track of your own posts, insert this in your browser: http://community.livejournal.com/hh_sugarquill/?poster=insertusernamehere

05. Entries submitted elsewhere in relation to Hogwarts Is Home are not allowed. This is specifically to avoid attempts to double-count works for points. That is not allowed.

06. Signature tags are permitted, and must be under 100 pixels in height.

07. This community contains fanworks of characters belonging to J.K. Rowling. No copyright infringement is intended and no money is being earned. J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers own all rights to the Harry Potter franchise and members of this community make no claim to the characters and universe of the books and movies.

c h a l l e n g e s;

At the beginning of the month there will be a challenge post for each category of drabble, ficlet, fic, poetry, general art, and specific art.

Challenges receive five extra points (excluding the Specific Art Challenge, which receives ten extra) as long as they are tagged and labeled correctly. All active challenges can be found here. You can also find challenges by using this tag.

Comments and Suggestions.
c o n t a c t;

If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns, please direct them to the most recent post on this tag. All comments there are screened.

Contact Information:
This comm is on hiatus at the moment, if you have any questions these are your contacts:

• PM or email Martine, the SQ Mini Mod: la_loony / martine@hogwartsishome.com
• HiH Mod Team Email: hih.officials@gmail.com

HiH Mod for Sugarquill: la_loony
HiH Head Mod: theaeblackthorn

Categories and points.
p o i n t s;

01. Points for fanfics go as the following;
  • Less than 30 words : 1 point.
  • Less than 30 words as challenge : 5 points.
  • More than 30 words : amount of words / 30.
  • Challenge bonus (over 30 words): 5 or wordcount/500 (pick the greater one)
  • Points Calculator: here

    02. Points for fanart are, as follows, (for reference material, please check this google doc).
  • Basic sketch : 5 points
  • Elaborate sketch : 10 points
  • Manipulation (basic) : 5 points
  • Manipulation (excellent) : 15 points
  • Doodle (includes digital) : 5 points
  • Finished (physical or digital) : 20 points
  • Good Finished (physical or digital) : 45 points
  • Very Good Finished (physical or digital) : 70 points
  • Excellent Finished (physical or digital) : 100 points
    All other graphics should be submitted to hogwartsicons

    03. Members cannot earn more than 125 points a week. All points in excess of this limit will be lost and the total reduced to 125. There are two exceptions to this rule for Big Bang/Fic Fest Fics and Saturday Specials.

    04. All fic/art challenges shall garner an additional 5 points. The Specific Art Challenge, however, shall warrant an additional 10 points.

    05. By leaving an elaborated comment to a fanwork posted in hh_sugarquill, sorted members will earn 5 points to their House. You will only earn points by commenting on fanworks posted during the current month.

    06. A week runs from Sunday 11:59pm UTC until the same time one week later. Sugarquill's months end on the last Sunday of the month - anything posted after the last Sunday of the month will be counted towards the following month.

    07. Co-authored fics and collaborated fanart only receive points once and the points are split 50/50 between the two creators. It only needs to be posted once in order for both authors to receive their points as long as both authors are signed at the bottom.

    r e s o u r c e s;

    Word Counter - If you need to know how long your story is, just copy and paste it into the box, click "Calculate Words" and the program will tell you how many words it is.

    Fiction sites where you could host mature content can be found in this post. This link also includes a listing of helpful resources for both artists and writers.

    For art tutorials and hosting sites please see
    this post.

    c r e d i t s;

    profile codes: palebird
    layout codes: minty peach
    header: rhye
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